Why Pedagogy?

There are 11 Strong reasons why learning your Favourite Language @ Pedagogy Institute will be the best decision

1. Why Pedagogy Institute ? What makes it so different from any other Institute? Why should I join Pedagogy institute only?

Ans - COMMITMENT. Thousands of students learn Foreign Languages like French , Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian etc. Every year from Institutes in Punjab. But out of them Very few students learn Basics of Language and could make their career in foreign Languages. Mostly, many students could not understand the concepts of Language. Thousands of students dreams to Get In Reputed MNC, or look to work in Foreign country Through the use of Foreign Languages, but just because of not completing the syllabus and thereby not getting the certificate, they are forced to drop their dream career. Just teaching a foreign Language is not sufficient enough to make the career as there are so many things that these students get block at any place in between the course and then no one tries to give a single thought of the career of the students. . This is the Main USP of the Pedagogy Institute that once You enter on your First day here, then just like child, we sail You through complete course: both in terms of Intellect/Knowledge as well as Diploma/Certicate till the last point You are enrolled with us. We feel that this is our Moral and legal commitment. We strongly feel that Your career is our Future, so if we are unable to make Your Career, obviously our Future will get jeopardized. Is Their anyone who want to damage his own career? Certainly not, So this Pedagogy Institute is being Run by teachers only and we apprehend the seriousness of one's life and Future.

2. Secondly, we would like to inform you that this Institute is Specially French, German, Spanish, Italian specific system where we don't teach English language and so our full focus is only on Foreign Languages. We don't combine kids and adults of different levels.

3. We are privileged to be one of the biggest co-operation partners of Various recognised Language Centres of Different Languages. Our instructors are highly qualified , Dedicated professionals and we don't put any one as a teacher. More than 200 people go for the exam every time just from our institute, which in itself is a great record and Achievement.

4. Normally Other people are unable to take even 3 module test papers till B2 level, But we complete 10 Module Sample Papers with 4 main books and 6 reference books! All these Includes 4 Modules- Writing, Listening, Spoken and Reading.

5. In our class rooms , Memorizing Is Banned.

6. Fastest in whole India: Even if You join any near by Institute, it will take more than 10 months to complete B2 level in Language and no other Institute in whole Punjab offers more than B1 Level of Study Specially in Punjab.

7. Fee- There has been popular saying in the world that saying that comparison should always be between Gold and Gold and not between Gold And Silver.. So if you feel to compare the fee of your course, compare our fee with only that Standards we have adopted, academically and administrative and with all these facilities. If You can find someone good , quick and economical than ours, our teaching will be free of cost.

8. Type of Class: We have Heard the popular saying that "one is known by the Flock he keeps". With Engineers, doctors and other professionals and school students our Pupil , You will get to know the exact volume of our Institute.

9. Guaranteed result: We will never leave You in half way. Till we Dont get your desired result, we will continue without any extra charges.

10. Today many other institutes are trying hard to follow us and our unique system, but of no avail. They are distributing our Lessons/notes and are trying to adopt our unique teaching method telling as their own! They have failed to realize that anyone can copy our methodology in Foreign Languages of one or two Lessons, But cant copy our dedication, Intellect, Diligence and the effort we put in the classroom where all the teachers give their ever best. This is the catalyst reason why we have attained maximum number of people in German than any other private institute. This is the main reason why people from Jammu to Maharashtra come to us exclusively to learn a French, Spanish, German at Pedagogy Institute.

11. Unique and Updated methodology which is not available anywhere in North India.

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