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Japan is a prosperous country and has the most diverse economy in Asia. With a GDP of $4.9 trillion in 2013, japan's economy is 2nd only to that of the U.S. The leading Japanese companies are among the largest, most effeciently run, and most well known firms in the world. Familiar names like Sony, Toshiba, Casio, Canon, Honda, Toyota, and many others have infiltrated the world market in a variety of sectors. Whether you are in the field of Business, Engineering, Manufacturing, Research, Economics or Politics, chances are you will be competeting with, if not working for, a japanese entity.

Learning japanese program aims to introduce japanese course from beginner to advance levels by gradualyy building students skills in listening, reading writing and speaking.we provide special training for the JLPT ( japanese language proficiency test). we starts with japanese alphabets( hiragana and katakana), around 120 kanji( pictorial characters). the student has to master the basic elements of grammar and 800 words, and thus can gain ability to take part in basic communication in japanese and to listen, read, write and speak simple short sentences in japanese.

We have two course in Japanese

  • Elementary japanese (24 hours)
  • Advanced course (80 hours)

Importance of Japanese

Japan is the second largest economy in the World. More focus is being given by Indian Trade and Industry to improve business with Japan. Japan presently has business worth US $80 billion in Software is expected to touch US$ 100 billion in the next three years. Currently India has only 3% of software business in Japan with about 50 IT companies in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

The present situation in Japan is that 84% of IT related Industries do not get adequate number of skilled professionals. Japan needs skilled work force of approximately 2,50,000 per year to meet its present requirement and it is looking forward to huge manpower from India. Indian Engineers are most favored in Japan as they have excellent technical knowledge coupled with English language skill. Apart from software, recent Indo-Japan Joint declaration envisages opening up of pharmaceutical, computer hardware, automobile & allied Engineering Industries which require more Japanese learners for their operation in India in the fields including of Translation and Interpretation.


Japan is the second largest economy in the world. Japanese market is huge. You could open up this market quickly by learning how to interact with your prospective clients. Knowing the language of your Japanese business partners improves your relations and therefore your chances for effective communication and success.

The Global Career

Knowledge of Japanese increases your job opportunities with Japanese and foreign companies in India and abroad. Proficiency in Japanese helps you to function productively for an employer with global business connections.

Science and Research

Japan is one of the largest contributors to research and development and offers research fellowships to scientists from abroad. Japan is the second largest Parma market in the world with over USD 60 Billion

Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Tourists from Japanese-speaking countries travel wide and far, and are the world's biggest spenders when on holidays. They appreciate to be looked after by Japanese-speaking staff and tour guides. You could make Japanese visitor feel very comfortable when they come over here!

Information Technology

Japan is the 2nd largest IT market in the world. Developments in media, information and communication technology require multilingual communicators. Japanese IT market is about 60% of the Asia's IT services market. This market is worth about 260 Billion US$ in 2005 & is expected to balloon to 740 Billion US$ in 2010. Knowledge of Japanese therefore offers you extended access to information.

Cultural Understanding

Learning Japanese provides you with an insight into the way of life, and the hopes and dreams of people in Japanese speaking countries, broadening your horizon.

Opportunities to study / work in Japan

You could seek great learning opportunities, even after your 10th Std, in Japanese universities which are known for best education standards. Japan awards scholarships and other support to study in Japan generously. Special visas are offered to skilled workers and professionals from India.

Opportunities for Exchange

A wide range of exchange programs exists for both school and university students between Japan and India.

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