Learn Spanish

Spanish is a official language of spain and 21 countries of the world uncluding USA, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and others.If you are planning to go to united states, Spanish would be of great help. Especially since it is spoken by more than half of the people in american continent. Traditionally in india learning a Spanish could land a job with an embassy or in tourism sector. However, with ever increasing globalisation, companies in IT sector, pharmaceuticals sector, MNC banks and export houses are looking for large number of people who can work with them as a language expert.

Why learn Spanish?

  • As we all know that Spanish is spoken in more than 21 countries, learning Spanish is a good choice and can open yours doors in the largest Spanish companies in India like Cobra, the Duro Felguera Group, Coinma and Agroalimen, Acciona, Albertis, Banco sadabell, Aldeasa, BBVA, Mondragn, Corte Ingles, Garrigues, Cintra Pascual Group, Keraben, Mapfre Group, Taurus and Union Fenosa and mango.
  • Cultural understanding - Learning spanish will allow you to understand famous hispanic culture and its contributions. in today worlds, for some people understanding of hispanic culture is becoming very important. so knowing this language will appreciate you with more understanding of modern and traditional culture.
  • Travel Abroad- Learning Spanish will completely change your travel experience while you travel to Spain, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venenzuela, Argentina, Peru etc
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