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Learn French

France is Europe foremost investor abroad!

Learn Germany

German is the official language in seven countries

Learn Spanish

Spanish is the most studied foreign language in the United States.

Learn Japanese

Learning japanese program aims to introduce japanese course from beginner

Learn Dutch

Dutch is a language which is spoken in Netherlands, belgium and few other parts of europe. More than 22 million people around the world speak dutch. Here are the 5 reasons we believe learning Dutch would be of high benefit to you.

Why learn Dutch?

1. The Dutch language is far beyond spoken in the Netherlands and its neighbor Belgium. It has official status in Suriname and the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten. If you speak Dutch in these countries , then you will get appreciation and making contact will be easier.

2. Dutch is easy for English speakers. it is very closely related to german language.

3. You can get a glimpse of culture while learning Dutch language. In our Dutch course you will find lot of stories, poetries, literature, novels full of interesting and real life situations.

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