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Learn French

France is Europe foremost investor abroad!

Learn Germany

German is the official language in seven countries

Learn Spanish

Spanish is the most studied foreign language in the United States.

Learn Japanese

Learning japanese program aims to introduce japanese course from beginner

Why Study foreign languages in India?

Intoroduction--Knowing a language is like owning a country! How proficient you are in any language makes you comfortable in learning another language.

As countries move closer and their interdependence grows with each passing day, it is important to acknowledge the fact that knowing a foreign language has now become a necessity.

Pedagogy (school of foreign languages) is the first training institute in amritsar and chandigarh which provides the oppurtunity to learn french, german, spanish, japanese and english language from basic understanding to master proficiency.we prepare our students for all kind of tests required for the language proficiency like DEL, DAL,TCF,TCFQ,JLPT,GRE etc.issued by various govt. organisations of different countries.

There has always been a growing importance for languages whether native or foreign, espically in today's era were communication has reached its peak and the world has become a smaller place. As globalisation takes a toll on youth, an increasing no. of youngsters are inclined towards learning foriegn languages. Learning a new language is not only interesting but also increases one's knowledge about the culture and lifestyle of the people of that specific country.

Learning a foreign language gives students an opportunity to appear for international examinations like TOFEL, JLPT and DELE etc. Career options in the field of translation are plenty. Due to growing economic relations between India and various countries of the world, knowing a foreign language gives one the much-needed edge. With various MNCs hiring translators and interpreters, this is a fast growing field. Being a translator can be an interesting job as you connect with various people of the world and there is an exchange of cultures and ideas from people all across the globe. Besides, many international schools now need teachers who can teach foreign languages to students. Japanese, is gaining importance as a foreign language and can be the next language that will be taught to students in schools after French and German.

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